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We Work Hard on Your Behalf

While we’re proud of our reputation for exemplary loan services, we’re more than a lender. When we provide loans to a small or mid-size company, we strive to help them achieve their goals and realize their vision of a thriving company. We apply the same mentality to other areas of our business. At Heartland Business Capital, we believe great companies operate efficiently. We’re here to give you the small business services your business needs to forge a new path forward.


What Heartland Business Capital Can Offer Your Business

Chances are there are areas of your company where you can trim the fat to cut costs. We have years of experience providing the tools and resources companies need to run more efficiently. We’re proud of our ability to wear as many hats as our clients need us to, and we continue to add more to our diverse portfolio. You can count on us for:


If you run an untraditional company with a litany of payment methods, E-invoicing will be a revelation. If you aren't set up for this service, Heartland Business Capital can show you how. You'll consolidate and organize all payments from various sources more efficiently.

Recurring Billing

Managing billing departments is one of the most complicated tasks a business owner faces, believe us. We've developed techniques for simplifying the process, and we're proud to share them with you. We'll break your costs down into more manageable pieces.

Affiliate Program

One of the benefits of forming a relationship with Heartland Business Capital is our affiliate program, which gives you access to a greater range of resources than your competitors.

Online Contract Services

If your business regularly deals with contracts, then our online contract services can save you time and money. Instead of printing paper companies, we can set you up with software to deliver digital contracts.

Payroll Services

Managing payroll can be challenging. One of our specialties lies in assisting companies with the process and giving them a greater sense of control and ease regarding the service. Learn more by scheduling a consultation.

Contact Our Lending and Small Business Services Company Today

Heartland Business Capital can help transform every facet of your company, whether through our efficiency-based products or straightforward lending practices. Discover why we’re a trusted resource by giving us a call today.

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