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Rethink the Small Business Loan Process Today

It’s time to rethink the loan. Financing shouldn’t send your accounts receivable and finance teams down a black hole of documents and complicated loan terms. It should be simple so you can focus on providing new and useful services to your customers. We offer flat and fixed fees with no variable APR, automatic repayments, and high levels of service. We design our loans to work for your company, so get in touch with us today.


We Serve a Broad Spectrum of Industries

We strive to deliver convenient and useful services each day. We have years of experience in the lending industry, and our expertise taught us to simplify the process. Our credit card-based funding can benefit customers in a variety of industries, including:


We partnered with American Express to deliver loans based on your debit and credit card receivables. Sparkling, dazzling, and luminous hotels are profitable ones, and our lending portfolio can help your hotel invest in marketing, new equipment, and additional locations.

Medical Facilities

Heartland Business Capital helps medical facilities save costs, increase capital, expand their business, and invest in state-of-the-art upgrades through our credit card-driven repayment model.


Deliver zesty appetizers and delicious dinners for years to come with Heartland Business Capital’s lending services. You can buy cooking supplies in bulk and give your chefs the equipment their talents deserve.


Our partnership with American Express enables us to help retailers deliver better products and customer experiences to their clients. Cut costs and expand with a short- or long-term loan, which is repayable through your daily credit card receivables.


Our flat, fixed fees and zero variable APR loans are perfect for transportation companies who strive to deliver luxurious limo and cab experiences to their customers. Upgrade vehicles and hire new drivers today!


Heartland Business Capital believes every company deserves to expand their company and achieve its vision. We help them do so by providing straightforward and honest loan terms for short- and long-term funding.

Business Consulting Services from Heartland Business Capital

In addition to providing lending terms based on convenience and fairness, Heartland Business Capital also provides additional services. For instance, we can help streamline your payroll, accounts receivable, and organizational processes with our consulting product. To learn more, contact us today.

The Best Solution on the Market, Call Today to Get Started!