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We Offer Short-Term Loans to Our Clients

Many of our clients require quick cash infusions. The lending industry is ripe with companies that offer short-term loans with unclear and customer-unfriendly repayment plans. We do the opposite. At Heartland Business Capital, our goal is to help companies hire workers, gain new lines of credit, and stay afloat without massive fees. We’ve catered our products to be as customer-friendly as possible. One of the ways we do so is by offering credit card sales-based repayment plans, as well as daily level payments. From one business to another: We’re here for you.

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What Are Short-Term Loans?

Most business loans fall under short- and long-term categorizations. The difference between the two is relatively straightforward. Clients repay long-term loans over more extended periods than those who secure short-term financing. Shorter loan terms are perfect for securing lines of credit, invoice financing, and general funds if you haven’t been in business long or need a smaller amount. While one of our consultants can go over the details of short-term loans with you in detail, our customers find it helpful to come to the consultation armed with some basic facts:

  • In most cases, companies must repay short-term loans in under a year.
  • Short-term loans are much easier to secure than their long-term counterparts.
  • They require a lower cost of capital.
  • Funds from an approved short-term loan arrive much faster than a long-term option.
  • Clients with lower credit scores can attain a short-term loan easier than a longer one.

Heartland Business Capital Offers Personalized Services

Our biggest strength is our personalized services. We’re honest and offer unbiased advice to our customers. For instance, you might qualify for a long-term loan. In some cases, short-term loans aren’t best for your company in the long-term. In these situations, working with Heartland Business Capital is a major plus. We’ll carefully review your financial situation and suggest an option ideal for your company. To learn more about Heartland Business Capital, contact us today.

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