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Secured Funding at Affordable Interest Rates

At Heartland Business Capital, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide each of our clients with a loan they can use to grow their business the way they envisioned. As fellow business owners, we understand the challenges of operating in a competitive market, and we want to help. One of the ways we do that is with secured funding. If you choose this option, you’ll use an asset (equipment, cars, or real estate) as collateral for a loan. Secured loans aren’t as risky on our end, which enables us to provide more friendly interest rates to our clients. We’ll review a variety of factors to determine whether you qualify for secured funding.

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The Advantages of Opting for Secured Funding

Schedule a consultation with Heartland Business Capital today. When we meet with you, we can review every aspect of your company to determine whether a secured loan is the best route for your business. Secured funding poses several unique benefits to business owners. They include:

Lower Interest Rates

As alluded to above, using collateral as part of the loan process helps lower your interest rate. We highly recommend reviewing your financials, because if the loan isn’t repaid, we have the right to the collateral.

Longer Repayment Terms

Secured loans enable companies to repay their loan over much longer periods than short-term and even some long-term loans. We will discuss the loan terms with you when setting up the loan.

Easy to Obtain for Established Businesses

Established businesses face fewer obstacles in attaining secured funding because it’s less risky for us to loan to you. If you have a proven business model and are looking to expand, a secured loan is a great option.

Higher Loan Amounts

Secured loans also feature higher loan amounts than many long-term loans. Ask one of Heartland Business Capital’s advisers about what we offer.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Lending and Consulting Services

In addition to secured loans, Heartland Business Capital offers a varied portfolio of business-friendly services. We consider ourselves a Swiss army knife, capable of opening new avenues through the use of innovative software, programs, and efficiencies. Allow us to grow your business with payroll, business consulting, and E-commerce services, among other things. Contact us today for information.

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