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We Can Enable You to Grow and Expand with a Loan

Heartland Business Capital understands the challenges of operating in a competitive marketplace. We want to help. One of our specialties is securing loans for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a new company looking for a line of credit or an established one aiming to add a second location, there’s a loan for you, complete with forgiving rates. We want to help companies succeed, and we do so by providing client-friendly loan terms. We can discuss your situation and suggest options during a consultation.

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Our Business Loan Types

Heartland Business Capital recognizes the need for flexible loan practices. After all, every business has different needs. Start-ups require a deft touch, while existing mid-size businesses need a slightly different approach. Our lending practices take the complexity of the business world into account while offering friendly lending terms. We offer the following loan types:

Secured Funding

If you have assets, you can offer them as collateral for secured funding. The most common type is our commercial mortgages. Profitable businesses with good credit qualify for our mortgage loans, and they can expect loan terms of 10 to 25 years.

Short-Term Funding

We offer lines of credit, accounts receivable lines of credit, business term loans, and merchant cash advances to small and mid-size businesses. For a basic line of credit, we require businesses to be up-and-running for at least six months and have $5,000 in monthly revenue with a credit score of at least 560. Other short-term funding options require longer service times and higher credit scores.

Long-Term Funding

We provide various long-term loans, including SBA loans, which don’t require collateral or asset delivery. These are great options due to their excellent rates and competitive terms. During your consultation with us, we’ll explore whether an SBA loan or another of our long-term funding options is a good choice for your business.

Heartland Business Capital’s Simplified Repayment Processes

Repaying a loan shouldn’t be difficult. The majority of loans and advances on the market lack clear terms, which can be dangerous for companies whose cash flow no longer supports the repayment schedule and daily operations. At Heartland Business Capital, we attempt to resolve this issue by delivering crystal-clear loan terms and simplified repayment methods. For instance, customers can opt to repay loans through a percentage of daily credit card sales or a daily level payment. Our simplified practices allow companies to secure funding and move on to grow their existing businesses. Contact us today.

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