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The Best Solution on the Market

Heartland Business Capital
Small Business Loans

Straightforward Lending to Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Starting a business is one of the most challenging endeavors someone can embark on. But it’s also rewarding. Heartland Business Capital provides sensible and fair loans to small- to mid-size start-ups because we want to encourage the rewarding part of your new venture. We utilize client-friendly methods to strategize funding tactics that allow your business to purchase the equipment you require or hire a capable staff. Heartland Business Capital also has access to innovative software for E-invoicing, collecting payments, managing payroll, and more.

business owner carrying bicycle in a bike shop

We Offer an Eclectic Collection of Services

The business world is ever-changing and diverse, so Heartland Business Capital wears many hats. We’re more than a lender. We provide invaluable business consulting services and help business owners set up smarter payroll services. Think of us as your trusty Swiss army knife. We’ll open every door you need.

customer buys clothes in a small shop

Easy as Pie Loan Repayment Processes

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our approach to securing repayment. We believe lending terms should be clear, direct, and uncomplicated. We not only bear down and tackle problems preventing start-ups from launching and existing businesses from expanding. We also remove the burden and hassle from the repayment equation. Heartland Business Capital utilizes a simple credit card fee system to repay loans and does so with an extremely forgiving interest rate as low at 8 percent.

Contact Heartland Business Capital for a Consultation

We’re there for business owners who are pouring passion and sweat into growing and expanding their business. We’ve been there! If you need a new line of credit, you’ll find friendly terms here. We offer both short- and long-term loans at our firm. Financing equipment and managing payroll can be easier too. We’ve assisted hotels, medical facilities, restaurants, retail outlets, wholesalers, and much more, so give Heartland Business Capital a call today to get started.